Strange Things You Can Do In Nevada Today

Have you been considering taking an incredible vacation to beautiful Nevada in the near future? More than likely you are familiar with some of the typical tourist attractions that are available in the area. However, there is so much more to Nevada than just casinos and deserts. Follow along as we show you three of the most unusual things to do while you are vacationing in Nevada.

While you are in Nevada, you may want to consider getting away from the glitz of Las Vegas and head to the gorgeous deserts of the area. Amongst all of the natural beauty, you will come across Groom Lake otherwise known as the infamous area 51. Alien lovers and movie buffs, as well as conspiracy theorists, will love exploring this secret military facility. While you may not find any living aliens you will find a host of unusual sylvan ears and shops in the area. It is a must see destination while you are vacationing in Nevada.

If you revisit your childhood what is the one thing that terrified you the most? And no, it cannot be your first-grade math teacher! More than likely, if you’re like most adults you will say without a doubt it was clowns. Whether it was from Poltergeist or Ringling Brothers and Barnum and Bailey Circus, clowns still terrify you. It is always wise to try and conquer your fears. And in Nevada, the best place to conquer your fears of clowns is at the clown motel. This motel is located at the edge of the desert and is decorated with thousands of happy clowns. It might also be wise to know that the motel sits directly next to a graveyard. So if by some chance your heart cannot handle all the happiness you are not too far from a final resting place!

Have you ever wondered what the city would look like if he knew was dropped? This is a question asked by many people who may never want to know the answer. However, if you are curious you should head tonight County where there is a perfect town situated that was developed just for the purpose of being blown up. It is a terrifying example of what could happen if the big one was actually dropped.

As you can see, there are several things to do outside of gambling while you’re in Nevada. Check out one of these or all of them, they are definitely guaranteed to give you a good time.